What level is The Session?The Session was created for all kinds of movers. Our goal is to explore universal principles of dance, such as strength, mobility, musicality, and artistry.
We provide technical challenges to experienced dancers and modifcations for beginners.

What can I expect in class?We start with a thorough warm up and then move into a variety of exercises that may include improv scores, movement chains, and musicality drills. Every session is different.

How is this different than a normal class?Traditionally, classes are very formulaic: warm up, across the floor, combo, go home. Our workshops were design to feel good, not just look good.We allow space to explore with enough structure to not feel awkward. We focus on developing artistic instinct and body awareness.And we spend a lot of time on the floor. 😏

Can I drop in the day of?
Maybe. Space is capped, so we highy recommend pre-registration.

What should I wear?
Layers are highly recommended. Because we do a lot of floorwork, you'll want some options for protecting the skin. Kneepads are also welcome if you have sensitive knees.

Who teaches The Session?The Session is most led by April MacLean, with occassional guest collaborators.

What's the cost?The two hour workshop is $20. If you're experiencing financial hardship, shoot us an email. We'll get you in.

Any more questions? Send them to hello@aprilmaclean.com